Project Overview

Dawn consultancy is best RAK Offshore registered agent for RAK Offshore company formation which is a leading group of financial and legal consultants serving local and international business community for more than 7 years. We have secured a prominent status in RAK Offshore registered agents and set up RAK offshore businesses in Ras Al Khaimah. We have earned international reputation as the best RAK Offshore consultants by focusing on customer service and practical advice. For consultation and RAK offshore company package details, please contact us or call on +971 55 4411036 for immediate consultation.

Who should setup RAK offshore company? What is an offshore company in RAK

Those investors who are looking to start businesses in United Arab Emirates (UAE), but their business model don’t intend to conduct any business in UAE, can set up offshore company in RAK Offshore international registry service. RAK offshore company services are particularly suitable for those companies who are looking for minimizing their corporate tax liabilities, looking asset protection or they are in need of establishing some exchange control trading vehicle. RAK Offshore company cost is very low and cheapest RAK offshore registered agent fees are also low. Offshore company setup in RAK gives international image to your business. Offshore company set up RAK allows general trading and professional services in single license. Don’t worry how to setup offshore company in RAK but get ready to enjoyRAK offshore company benefits.

Project Details